As VCARD’s incoming Chair, I was glad to see our message get out that green/sustainable practices is not in opposition to growth. Responsible development takes into account these important trends.

Maria Summerlin, Environmental Group Leader, S&ME

William Square, a development by White Challis Redevelopment Co. should inspire us all to repurpose and reinvent our businesses without negatively impacting our cities and land. There are too many intersections with vacated gas stations in West Volusia. Sznapstajler reports of 427 similar sites across Florida. Awful. Considering the Florida Brownfields Redevelopment Program offers incentives and grant opportunities to revitalize our communities, maybe Dave Pinter’s “Get (electrically) Pumped” idea of Transforming Gas Stations Into Wellness Hubs, (PSFK, January 19, 2018) isn’t so far from happening here!?

Lisa Habermehl, Duvall Homes, Member since 2011
Green Business And Sustainability, November 2017
Brownfield Programs, Michael Sznapstajler, p.21 – 23

Since the Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce circulated its first issue of EVOLVE in 2016, the editors have received a remarkable number of emails and comments on how informative the articles are to Chamber Members. Some have reported on the benefits of gaining insight on how the leaders of our county and state are shaping the future.

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